Immortal battles.....

on Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Note: Have you ever felt that you were fighting one of life’s battles where victory seems farther and farther away? That you are facing a faceless, nameless enemy who relentlessly attacks you and does not wilt? That your allies turn into foes and lovers turn into uncaring strangers? But you still want to fight on because you are fighting for what you vehemently believe in? The slim hope of victory spurs you on, scarred body and tormented heart notwithstanding, because it will take you closer to immortality?

Sparks of clashing steel flash across dreary horizons,
Dark shapeless fiends close in .Ah!!!solitary me,
War cries and screams echo in dense night air,
Lonely battle of life I fight, foes outnumber…

Transient faces drift past in endless shadows,
Mutating lovers into uncaring strangers,
Agonies of pain sear flesh, torment soul…
Stare straight ahead; refuse to fall to earth,

Naked defenseless, towering amidst bloody carnage,
Hope fadeth fast, foes spring to life all around,
Closing eyes for one eternal moment,
With a cry of hope, spring forward again.

Strong beliefs spur me on…to imagine
A day when calm skies greet peaceful earth
When I fall with a sigh into arms which love and trust,
Into a land where immortality shall take birth

A tribute!!

on Sunday, November 19, 2006

Note:A tribute to my paternal grandfather who passed away last week

Rising Apollo, wide net of light bequeath,
Vanquishing lust of the night darkly,
Scattering life …bright blaze,
Riding noble, across heavens vast moor,
Alas, vanish it does, behind lofty mountain blue,
Oh mighty one, where does thou travel?
Ephemeral spirit…gone are you,but…
Darkness will reign no more

Dreams of Insanity..Rock song lyrics..!!!

on Thursday, November 09, 2006

Note: Writing has been a soul elevator. I have this insane desire to branch out into different genres of writing. I’ve done poetry, anecdotal writing, marketing articles, humor, short stories and some other pretty random stuff.
Another great buttress in my life is rock music. So you know I kinda thought, why not write the lyrics of a rock song. Even though I don’t know the ABC of musical composition, I hope these words are put to music some day.

Theme: A tribute to all romantics who have experienced the joy and the pain of unrequited love. Have you ever wanted to desperately forget a girl, but those recurring dreams make it impossible?

P.S: It’s a rock song for heavens sake. People who complain it is too dark and moody can go and listen to boy band pop!!!


Lyrics by Srinath

Swirling clouds darken, azure sky no more
Leaden weight of memories, closed eyes bemoan
Drained…The sun travels across...forgetting paradise lost,
Nights creeping hands, the thoughts flood back again

These dreams of insanity lurking right beneath
Floating petals…Fuelling the fires of desire within
Time refuses to turn…
Following bright dawn’s allure
Running amok…
Eyes wide shut…These dreams…
Follow like a faithful slave

Tossing around...cascading beads of pain evolve
Screaming…shouting…unnerving whispers ask
How can someone who cared now be cold?
Blessed wakefulness frees …
From mirages of days whose scars still sear

These dreams of insanity lurking right beneath
Floating petals…Fuelling the fires of desire within
Time refuses to turn…
Following bright dawn’s allure
Running amok…
Eyes wide shut…These dreams…
Follow like a faithful slave

I walk alone…clothed in love...
Phoenix reborn, even though only tatters remain...
A thousand scars mark ...this battered soul o’ mine
I will not give in…coz only she can heal

These dreams of Insanity
……These dreams of Insanity
………………These dreams of Insanity

Me,Myself and Gymming....

on Monday, October 30, 2006

The following is an account of an insane decision. I decided to join a gym a couple of months back.
Let me introduce myself. I’m a tam Bram. We eat curd rice and are nice people. Exercise is one of the seven deadly sins and involves at the most pressing the buttons of a remote while flipping channels on the television. An intricate math problem? An uninvited discourse on Aristotle? We are the guys. Physical activity..u kidding?
So I was moving into hitherto uncharted territory when I decided to join the gym.
My Mom couldn’t have reacted more strongly if I said I was going to become a nudist. She stared at me open mouthed.” Gym? Do I feed you so that you can go and waste it waste it lifting funny contraptions? What if you become thin?”
One fine day feeling a bit like Christopher Columbus and having pushed my chest out a couple of nonexistent inches I walked into “Bodygrow”. Suitable pictures of men with nonexistent underpants and muscles jutting out at the unlikeliest angles adorned the walls.
All around me I saw big men with funny looking faces lifting a variety of heavy apparatus.
I nervously approached the biggest guy in the place assuming logically that he must be the instructor. He listened to me and critically looked me over frowning and shaking his head.
LIFT, PUSH, JUMP” he suddenly bellowed.
I jumped out of my skin and nearly hit the ceiling.
Weakly catching on to a treadmill for support I stuttered”w...What?”
“What are you waiting for? Start lifting and pushing and jumping!”He growled.
Forcing my face into what I thought was a grin I backed away.
I was frowning in concentration, straining as I pulled at a weight. I contorted my face into a variety of expressions as I made an effort. Suddenly a hand tapped me from behind. I nearly went face first on the canvas. The abominable instructor man was back.
“Contort your face” He said. Assuming that he was instructing me on the procedures of facial exercise I pulled my face into an ugly distorted angle.
” Look into the mirror, he growled.
I looked, rather pleased at how ugly I had made my face.
“Do you want to be stuck with this face for life?”
Even though I rather thought it would make life exciting to go around with such a face I prudently remained silent.
” Do not contort your face while exercising. The facial muscles could stay that way forever.” He walked away after another of his hammer hits on my back
Suddenly I had a bright idea. I thoughtfully set my face into what I assumed was a handsome, appealing expression, assuming if my face was going to become a certain way due to contortion I would rather it be this face of mine. For the next ten minutes I exercised with that same expression staring straight ahead. With a start I suddenly realized a guy opposite me was staring at me with a strange expression. Suddenly he winked. I slowly straightened out the grin into a normal expression, hoping he would understand that I was not the brokeback mountain kind. Me and my big ideas.
I had no idea that there were girls in my gym till a day when a lovely damsel walked in. As she hopped and jumped in her pink tights I would discretely steal glances . Whenever she was around I would try to do spectacular things like lifting weights I would not normally dream of otherwise.
With what I thought was a spectacular amount of weight on the apparatus I lifted with an almost heroic expression on my face. After repeating it for a couple of times and when my back showed signs of breaking down, I got off the machine patting myself on the back for having suitably impressed the girl. The girl herself walked to the apparatus I had just got off and after clicking her tongue after seeing the weights, she casually added a couple more weights and started working the machine rapidly. When I was walking away with a downcast expression a smothered giggle added to my humiliation.
And yeah the pains. The first day after I had started working out the pains were terrible. The only particular consolation I could think of was that there was no specific spot that pained. It pained if I laughed, it pained when I breathed and damn it, it pained when I tried using the remote too.
It’s been two months now. I wish I had a “before” and “after “picture to show you like the tele shopping network. I know I don’t look like anything closely resembling Arnold of the terminator fame. But for the disbelieving I assure you under the clothes the muscles are in place.” Asta la vista baby” …I guess..!!!

A true story!!

on Sunday, September 17, 2006

The following is an excerpt I have heard from a friend of mine. It is about that oft repeated and written to death topic, love. Readers of my blog will of course be aware of my rather cynical views on the subject. But when I heard his account of what love was, I felt a stirring in my heart and a certain gland in the eye began to threaten to function, undermining my manly pretensions of pride. The following is a more coherent and orderly account of what transpired between us last night. His story was infinitely more rambling and punctuated by hiccups, under the influence of the fourth peg of an amber liquid used as a buttress for the emotionally wrecked. As a guy with no emotions and a rather more boring upbringing, I had a glass of the ubiquitous coke cradled in my hands. He sniffed and began
I have always pictured love as something which sweeps you off your feet; you know… an upheaval which registers a 9 on the Richter scale of your four chambered thingie we have in our chest. For me it was different. She just walked into my life one day as merry as you please.
I remember her that day, prattling away prettily to everyone in the room except me. I began to feel more awkward and uglier than I normally do, which is quite a remarkable feat in itself. My eyes followed surreptiously the graceful movements of her hand as she brushed away wisps of hair that fell over her lovely face, drinking in every movement of her eyes. I still remember those eyes. Clear pools of light which could cut through the armour of hardened hearts like mine
I have heard of prospectors working for hours, wrecking their body and souls for that one elusive precious stone. There she was diamond.”

Err...I decided it was time for me to make a point
“Shut the **** up, what do you know about love?”
Looking at the nasty gleam in his eye I decided not to press the point too much. My friend was infinitely more abusive and stronger under the influence of alcohol. He continued as if I dint exist

She started haunting my every living moment. I would walk all around college hoping for a glimpse of her, for a fleeting memory which I could cherish and relive until I saw her next. These transient moments of voyeurism became the fuel for the mundane everyday things I now sleepwalked through. When I actually had a chance to talk to her I would mumble a greeting and run away as soon as decency permitted, my blushing face a cornucopia of emotions. My emotions were taking a roller coaster ride on those fearsome rides you see in the amusement parks called ‘lightning dragon” or with some equally absurd name. A smile could transport me to the very pinnacle of emotional elation .Just as quickly I would come plummeting down to the lonely depths of emotional despair.”
He paused to take a long draught from his glass. I thoughtfully sipped on my coke not bothering to speak.

Why the hell are you gaping silently like a fish?”he roared.

Did I mention that my friend was seldom logical when he was drunk? ”What happened then? I asked nervously. Suddenly a smile lit up his face.
One day she said she loved me too.

That was the nearest I had come to a coronary thrombosis of the heart. After I heard it I ran to my room and closed all the doors and windows.
And then I began to dance, a wild and ungainly movement of arms and legs, where each unrestricted motion was a manifestation of a euphoria that was building up inside me like a fountain of her beauty and love.

For a fleeting moment which felt like eternity… there was no “her” and no “me”
There was just “us”.”
He sniffed and a large teardrop landed in his drink. I swear that I had a lump in my throat.

Love is so beautiful yet so physically cruel.
I spent a few days in paradise, listening as her whispered endearments dripped off her lips like honey from a busy honeycomb.
The touch of her hand was a physical shock. It was similar to the feeling you have when someone hits you in the gut.
Remember that woozy helpless feeling you? It was like that.

And then it all changed

He had now graduated from tears to big racking sobs, a big blubbering helpless guy. I wept silently too, my arms trying to protect him from the barbs of his agony.
And then the drink finally overcame him and he collapsed like a bag of potatoes against my body. I felt his heart throbbing away, each beat radiating his love for that angel he had surrendered to.

And the next day he refused to speak a word about it.

I know this is a strangely unsatisfying story. I don’t know how it all changed and what happened to shatter his paradise.
I also wish I could tell you that it all ends happily ever after.
But quite frankly I don’t know, what is going to happen and neither does he.
But you know what? In spite of my cynical outlook; I am a romantic at heart.
I refuse to believe that true love will not vanquish all.
Each day I look at my friend as he masterfully laughs his way through life concealing the scars beneath. And each day I wonder what will happen!!!!

Note: I know that quite a few of my friends frequent my blog. When you read this , pray for a minute. Pray that true love will win through.

Humor in advertising...not so funny anymore?

on Saturday, July 22, 2006

Srinath S

Humor….the panacea to all ills...But advertisers across the globe seem to be taking this statement a little too literally. As a result we have advertisements for all kinds of products from chewing gums, adhesives, to cola’s and cars, all trying earnestly to tickle the viewer’s funny bone. But the million dollar question which logically follows is…does the humor actually help influence the customer? The reason for humor in advertisements is the expectation that the feel good factor will help sway customers when they make decisions. And everybody likes funny stuff right? No, as the advertisers are beginning to find out to their dismay. Humor is of course a very integral part of marketing communication but the operative words here are tasteful, well delivered, product appropriate humor.
The fact that needs to be appreciated is that although a tastefully done humorous advertisement can indeed help in a certain brand recall associated with humor, what can conversely happen is that the brand can become an object of ridicule in the mind of the customer if the humor doesn’t come off too well. The advertisers would do well to keep in mind the fact that humor in advertising improves brand recognition, but in no way influences product recall, message credibility or buying intentions. The first thing to watch out for while trying to incorporate humor into your advertisement is the type of product you are advertising for. If the products are essentially low involvement products where humor can tilt the balance then I’m all for it. If while in a supermarket the toothpaste brand that beamed the funny advertisement catches my eye, in all probability I might pop it in my shopping basket. But if they think that just by including a funny punch line in higher involvement product like say a car, I am going to get even slightly influenced they are suffering from delusions. While I do not say that there is no room for humor in higher involvement goods the advertiser needs to tread more carefully.
The second point where marketers need to pay close attention to is the fact whether the humor in the advertisement highlights the value proposition of the product or it merely is added on as an afterthought, in effect sticking out like a sore thumb. This is where one of the most humorous and effective series of advertisements to hit Indian television, the Fevicol advertisements pulls off a winner. The humor was inseparably entwined with the adhesive properties of the product, a fact that many brands need to make an example of. Humor induced brand recall should not be vague; it should provide an association in the customers mind to what the product stands for.
The third potential pitfall is the type of humor and the delivery of the humor in the advertisement. Agreed that humor does not have to be classy all the time, but it should neither be slapstick nor such that it offends the sensibilities of a certain section of people. Also everything might not be funny for everyone. A south Indian like me might guffaw uncontrollably at an advertisement while my north Indian counterpart might wonder what all the fuss what about. So in essence what I mean is if your advertisement takes a pot shot at certain sections of society even though they may not be the intended target segment they ploy will backfire. So when you want to be funny stay away from sensitive topics and issues, however rib tickling they might seem.
Advertisements are essentially for repeated telecast on mass media.
Fact 1: The frequency of the same advertisement being aired is quite high especially during primetime television.
Fact 2: Even the best of humor can grate on your nerves if shown again and again.
So logically from the above stated facts advertisers have a big task on their hands if people groan when your advertisement comes on for the umpteenth time .So even though a slap followed by ”doobara mat poochna” might be funny for the first time, after the nth time I might actually be so irritated that I consciously avoid the product. And if the makers of chorlmint actually ask me why, all they’ll get from me is a “doobara mat poochna”!
This might be regarded as a problem of advertisements in general and not only of humorous advertisements but the problem is only exacerbated with the use of the wrong kind of humor. So what is the solution then? The solution is a series of advertisements on the same theme with the same essential message as in Fevicol or chlormint do. The message in reinforced each time but with different characters and a different storyline. What also happens is the anticipation increases and the recall value consequently gets a boost.
Humor in essence is like spices. Add too little and the food could be bland. Add too much and it will lose its flavor. So the right promotional mix with just a dash of humor could reap big benefits. Or rather in keeping in touch with the theme ”laughing all the way to the bank”.

A new perspective of life!!!

on Thursday, July 20, 2006

Clarification:the following piece of work is not my work.It was so original in its thinking and humourous in its narration so i decided to have it anyway.

The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends.
I mean, life is tough.
It takes up a lot of your time.
What do you get in the end of it?
A death!
What's that, a bonus?
I think the life cycle is all backwards.
You should die first, you know, start out dead, get it out of the way.
You wake up in a an old age home, feeling better every day.You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension, then, when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day.You work 40 years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement.You drink like a fish, party your ass off, and screw anything that
moves - you've only got a few years left, so why not?!?
Then you get ready for High School. You go to primary school, you >become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a baby,then, you spend your last 9 months floating peacefully with luxuries like central heating, spa, room service on tap, larger quarters everyday, and then ...
You finish off as an orgasm!
Aah! What a life that would be!


on Sunday, July 09, 2006

A poem by Srinath

Tanya the wide eyed girl in the mansion by the river,
One Christmas morn, beside the festooned tree she found,
A package wrapped in silver…she tore it open with a pleasant shiver
A golden haired doll she found in glee she clapped and twirled around

That same Christmas day, in the decrepit house across the street,
Jane walked to the bare tree in the one roomed house,
She dragged her feet, refusing to let hope rise in her chest,
Tears arose, the bare bulb casting shadows on the bare floor.

Eva …Tanya named the pretty doll and marveled at her shiny frock,
Brushed her golden hair and kissed her rosy cheeks,
Look how pretty we are...she squealed with pride …
She ran to the window…Snowflakes fell gently on a small figure across the street

Jane walked disconsolately clutching her coat to keep out wicked fingers of frost,
The bright neon light of the storefront said “the season of cheer and hope”
She smiled and lifted her face to challenge the heavens above,
At the window of the big house she saw, the cold winter air like a mirror between

Tanya played with the doll merrily skipping across the room,
In a moment of carelessness she left the doll prone ,
Her dog, inquisitive it was...tore the pretty dress and bit an arm off...
In this sorry state by Tanya was the doll found.
She shouted with disgust, looked at Eva with eyes so different
With a smooth motion, out of the window Eva flying went.

Jane closed her eyes; she hummed a tune sad and pure,
Suddenly with a thud near her feet fell,
The sweetest doll in the world, Torn were the clothes….
The arm so bent, but as she looked at Eva’s smiling face,
A friend she had found, no more would her heart bleed
It was the season of hope indeed!!


on Friday, February 03, 2006

I was cool or so I thought…..


Trivia: After reading my poems people scratch their heads and ask” that’s ok, but why do your poems always have to be so gloomy?”
I screw up my face and prepare to defend myself when...
“Why don’t you write about love” asked one guy with a smirk on his face.
And this from a guy who wouldn’t recognize love if it danced in front of him wearing pink pajamas.
So that evening I tried to get into the proper mood. With Bryan Adams crooning” everything I do” in the background…I set to work.
“Her eyes were as deep as a limpid pool…
“Her eyes were as deep as a limpid pool…
For some reason the only word that I could think of which rhymed with pool was
So that set the tone for my latest offering…here it is...
At least nobody can complain that it is gloomy!!!


I was cool or so I thought,
My head held high, walked with a swagger...
Eyebrow raised, scornful look, my friend smirks,
Never been in love and you think you are in?

Wondered long and hard, a warm glow spread...
Decided to fall in love...All inhibitions shed
Went for a stroll a pretty girl at me did smile,
Nervous .stuttered and stumbled, till the girl ran a mile

A girl fell in love with me, her father did not,
I always thought he was a small sweet man,
One fine day I saw him…he put Tyson o shame,
Packed my bags, out from her life I ran.

Another girl I found, long evenings we spent,
Whispering sweet nothings on the phone,
I wonder why she never called me when she found.
That the Mercedes I drove was just a loan

Sleepless nights thinking of life’s sweetest pain...
Dreamy pose, vacant look in the eye,
Till one day got tired playing cupid’s whipping boy
Futile promises, a meaningless lie
One day looked at my life a pattern so same.
Damn love. I was cool again!!!


As I Row Along......

on Friday, January 27, 2006

As I Row Along......

A dingy in the stormy seas of life..,
buffeted by the waves of the faceless human mass,
safe haven from loch ness called desire , freedom is free.
where the buttress of the frail human spirit can support me

a lonely star of passion looms in the east.
maybe a will o'the wisp directing me to a bog,
the anchor weighing me broken away...
dreams which no one will see,scribbled in the boats's log,

a single gull of reason sweeps across the sky..
carried on the windy gusts of blood and toil..
opinions dripping continiously like rain drops do
where every word ,every thought seems like a lie

as the golden horizon of opportuntity beckons..
whether fact or mirage i know not,
all that poununds through my head as i look up, this the freedom that i sought?