As I Row Along......

on Friday, January 27, 2006

As I Row Along......

A dingy in the stormy seas of life..,
buffeted by the waves of the faceless human mass,
safe haven from loch ness called desire , freedom is free.
where the buttress of the frail human spirit can support me

a lonely star of passion looms in the east.
maybe a will o'the wisp directing me to a bog,
the anchor weighing me broken away...
dreams which no one will see,scribbled in the boats's log,

a single gull of reason sweeps across the sky..
carried on the windy gusts of blood and toil..
opinions dripping continiously like rain drops do
where every word ,every thought seems like a lie

as the golden horizon of opportuntity beckons..
whether fact or mirage i know not,
all that poununds through my head as i look up, this the freedom that i sought?