A true story!!

on Sunday, September 17, 2006

The following is an excerpt I have heard from a friend of mine. It is about that oft repeated and written to death topic, love. Readers of my blog will of course be aware of my rather cynical views on the subject. But when I heard his account of what love was, I felt a stirring in my heart and a certain gland in the eye began to threaten to function, undermining my manly pretensions of pride. The following is a more coherent and orderly account of what transpired between us last night. His story was infinitely more rambling and punctuated by hiccups, under the influence of the fourth peg of an amber liquid used as a buttress for the emotionally wrecked. As a guy with no emotions and a rather more boring upbringing, I had a glass of the ubiquitous coke cradled in my hands. He sniffed and began
I have always pictured love as something which sweeps you off your feet; you know… an upheaval which registers a 9 on the Richter scale of your four chambered thingie we have in our chest. For me it was different. She just walked into my life one day as merry as you please.
I remember her that day, prattling away prettily to everyone in the room except me. I began to feel more awkward and uglier than I normally do, which is quite a remarkable feat in itself. My eyes followed surreptiously the graceful movements of her hand as she brushed away wisps of hair that fell over her lovely face, drinking in every movement of her eyes. I still remember those eyes. Clear pools of light which could cut through the armour of hardened hearts like mine
I have heard of prospectors working for hours, wrecking their body and souls for that one elusive precious stone. There she was ...my diamond.”

Err...I decided it was time for me to make a point
“Shut the **** up, what do you know about love?”
Looking at the nasty gleam in his eye I decided not to press the point too much. My friend was infinitely more abusive and stronger under the influence of alcohol. He continued as if I dint exist

She started haunting my every living moment. I would walk all around college hoping for a glimpse of her, for a fleeting memory which I could cherish and relive until I saw her next. These transient moments of voyeurism became the fuel for the mundane everyday things I now sleepwalked through. When I actually had a chance to talk to her I would mumble a greeting and run away as soon as decency permitted, my blushing face a cornucopia of emotions. My emotions were taking a roller coaster ride on those fearsome rides you see in the amusement parks called ‘lightning dragon” or with some equally absurd name. A smile could transport me to the very pinnacle of emotional elation .Just as quickly I would come plummeting down to the lonely depths of emotional despair.”
He paused to take a long draught from his glass. I thoughtfully sipped on my coke not bothering to speak.

Why the hell are you gaping silently like a fish?”he roared.

Did I mention that my friend was seldom logical when he was drunk? ”What happened then? I asked nervously. Suddenly a smile lit up his face.
One day she said she loved me too.

That was the nearest I had come to a coronary thrombosis of the heart. After I heard it I ran to my room and closed all the doors and windows.
And then I began to dance, a wild and ungainly movement of arms and legs, where each unrestricted motion was a manifestation of a euphoria that was building up inside me like a fountain of her beauty and love.

For a fleeting moment which felt like eternity… there was no “her” and no “me”
There was just “us”.”
He sniffed and a large teardrop landed in his drink. I swear that I had a lump in my throat.

Love is so beautiful yet so physically cruel.
I spent a few days in paradise, listening as her whispered endearments dripped off her lips like honey from a busy honeycomb.
The touch of her hand was a physical shock. It was similar to the feeling you have when someone hits you in the gut.
Remember that woozy helpless feeling you? It was like that.

And then it all changed

He had now graduated from tears to big racking sobs, a big blubbering helpless guy. I wept silently too, my arms trying to protect him from the barbs of his agony.
And then the drink finally overcame him and he collapsed like a bag of potatoes against my body. I felt his heart throbbing away, each beat radiating his love for that angel he had surrendered to.

And the next day he refused to speak a word about it.

I know this is a strangely unsatisfying story. I don’t know how it all changed and what happened to shatter his paradise.
I also wish I could tell you that it all ends happily ever after.
But quite frankly I don’t know, what is going to happen and neither does he.
But you know what? In spite of my cynical outlook; I am a romantic at heart.
I refuse to believe that true love will not vanquish all.
Each day I look at my friend as he masterfully laughs his way through life concealing the scars beneath. And each day I wonder what will happen!!!!

Note: I know that quite a few of my friends frequent my blog. When you read this , pray for a minute. Pray that true love will win through.