on Sunday, July 09, 2006

A poem by Srinath

Tanya the wide eyed girl in the mansion by the river,
One Christmas morn, beside the festooned tree she found,
A package wrapped in silver…she tore it open with a pleasant shiver
A golden haired doll she found in glee she clapped and twirled around

That same Christmas day, in the decrepit house across the street,
Jane walked to the bare tree in the one roomed house,
She dragged her feet, refusing to let hope rise in her chest,
Tears arose, the bare bulb casting shadows on the bare floor.

Eva …Tanya named the pretty doll and marveled at her shiny frock,
Brushed her golden hair and kissed her rosy cheeks,
Look how pretty we are...she squealed with pride …
She ran to the window…Snowflakes fell gently on a small figure across the street

Jane walked disconsolately clutching her coat to keep out wicked fingers of frost,
The bright neon light of the storefront said “the season of cheer and hope”
She smiled and lifted her face to challenge the heavens above,
At the window of the big house she saw, the cold winter air like a mirror between

Tanya played with the doll merrily skipping across the room,
In a moment of carelessness she left the doll prone ,
Her dog, inquisitive it was...tore the pretty dress and bit an arm off...
In this sorry state by Tanya was the doll found.
She shouted with disgust, looked at Eva with eyes so different
With a smooth motion, out of the window Eva flying went.

Jane closed her eyes; she hummed a tune sad and pure,
Suddenly with a thud near her feet fell,
The sweetest doll in the world, Torn were the clothes….
The arm so bent, but as she looked at Eva’s smiling face,
A friend she had found, no more would her heart bleed
It was the season of hope indeed!!


Sunil Kumar Chakrahari said...

Gud one bud!!!.......but it sure did end pretty sooon......though it gives a touch of hope....no offence meant but you did much better work than this....anyways keep writing 'BHAI' love to listen to you!!!


All The Best!!!

P M said...

Good read...hmm, the content of this is a bit stereotype for me. Try abstract though...

Vinita said...

really liked this one. very touching!!