on Friday, February 03, 2006

I was cool or so I thought…..


Trivia: After reading my poems people scratch their heads and ask” that’s ok, but why do your poems always have to be so gloomy?”
I screw up my face and prepare to defend myself when...
“Why don’t you write about love” asked one guy with a smirk on his face.
And this from a guy who wouldn’t recognize love if it danced in front of him wearing pink pajamas.
So that evening I tried to get into the proper mood. With Bryan Adams crooning” everything I do” in the background…I set to work.
“Her eyes were as deep as a limpid pool…
“Her eyes were as deep as a limpid pool…
For some reason the only word that I could think of which rhymed with pool was
So that set the tone for my latest offering…here it is...
At least nobody can complain that it is gloomy!!!


I was cool or so I thought,
My head held high, walked with a swagger...
Eyebrow raised, scornful look, my friend smirks,
Never been in love and you think you are in?

Wondered long and hard, a warm glow spread...
Decided to fall in love...All inhibitions shed
Went for a stroll a pretty girl at me did smile,
Nervous .stuttered and stumbled, till the girl ran a mile

A girl fell in love with me, her father did not,
I always thought he was a small sweet man,
One fine day I saw him…he put Tyson o shame,
Packed my bags, out from her life I ran.

Another girl I found, long evenings we spent,
Whispering sweet nothings on the phone,
I wonder why she never called me when she found.
That the Mercedes I drove was just a loan

Sleepless nights thinking of life’s sweetest pain...
Dreamy pose, vacant look in the eye,
Till one day got tired playing cupid’s whipping boy
Futile promises, a meaningless lie
One day looked at my life a pattern so same.
Damn love. I was cool again!!!