on Tuesday, May 01, 2007

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GMAIL : srinath.imt@gmail.com






I have written for various reputed Newspapers,Magazines and Websites including The Hindu, Rediff,JAM etc.

I write mainly in the areas of Humor,Business/Marketing,Fiction and general articles.




Please contact me (See contacts tab) for any articles you want written.



I assume that you have taken the trouble to come to this page that you would want to know something about me.

1)Where are you from?

I am a mongrel.Born in Chennai,brought up in Hyderabad and worked in more Indian cities than I can count.And before you ask me,I have not gone onsite yet.

2)Are you educated?

Silly question.I have an engineering degree in Electrical but would be hard pressed to even state Ohms law.I suffer from a poor memory and wandering concentration.I also somehow picked up an MBA in Marketing.

3) Do you live off your parents?

No I dont(though occasionally I take pocket money from them). I earn my own bread and sambhar and rasam.I work in an IT Company in Chennai.(Dont we all?)

4) Do you do anything of note other than eating and sleeping?

Oh yes.Lots of things.I also drink water,laze around,watch TV etc.Seriously I do have my hobbies which include Reading,writing,rock,travelling,photography,cricket etc.Yes I am a jack of all trades.

5) Why do you write Humour pieces?

My humour articles are an extension of what actually goes on in my mind.I think very similar to how I write.Unfortunately it means that I burst out laughing at inappropriate occasions following my own chain of thoughts.

6) Are you single?

Hahahaha...(rolls on floor) After reading my articles how can you even ask such questions.I am surrounding always by a bevy of scantily clad women.But a good application can always find you a spot.