"the star of my life"

on Monday, June 13, 2005

The star of my life

Life was so simple as I knew it to be,
Where hardships were many but freedom was pure and free,
A shepherd I was in the green countryside,
The enveloping air was heavenly, the sky a carpet wide,

A pretty country girl to me her heart did lend,
Long evenings with her I loved to spend,
As the haunting melodies of the violin filled the air,
And she listened, love for music we did both share,

One gray day a well-dressed man heard me play,
He was enchanted and so the very next day,
Offered me riches and fame, life would never be dim,
If I left my village and went with him,

On the people of the big cities I cast my spell,
Money poured in and fame followed as well,
Moved with enchanting women forgot the girl who had been,
Alas! In the light of the sun the stars cannot be seen

The soul of Satan took up residence inside me,
In a fit of drunken driving, I accidentally hit a tree,
I barely survived but a hard price I had to pay,
Lost both of my hands, could’nt anymore play

Fame is fickle; money is soon spent,
Friends disappeared into thin air, did’nt know where they went,
I was soon out in the dark of the street,
Till one day my girl with me she came to meet
She still loved me, wanted to share the pain,
In my life a star had chosen to shine again


Suyash said...

At one point of time,Mohd.Azharuddin was my fave Hyderabadi...now it's you..but you better keep up the good work,cos VVS Laxman is hot on your heels(And so is Meghna Naidu)

Sunil Kumar Chakrahari said...

No words to describe how wonderfull your poetry is..coz am no poet like you....you rock man....keep up the good work ...Bhayyaa!!!!